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An Australian comedy series consisting of a viral video, a web series and a brand new half hour TV pilot, premiering on ABC at 9pm on 11 May 2016 and available on ABC iview here!


The misadventures of Gavin Tanner, a wannabe hero who thinks by proving he’s a legend, no matter how dishonestly, he will get the love and admiration he so desperately craves… he is sorely mistaken.


The Legend of Gavin Tanner charts the trials and tribulations of a small-time criminal and boorish big-mouth who, in a desperate bid for love and admiration, relentlessly tries to prove he is indeed the biggest ‘legend’ in Balladeen. Due to a serious lack of genuine ability, Gavin’s belief in his legendary self-image is challenged by practically everyone in the community, and the dodgy schemes he concocts to maintain it are invariably exposed and brought crashing down. But Gavin has hope in his heart, and if he can just keep the love of his streetwise girlfriend Trish and the adoration of his loyal (and gullible) apprentice Damo, no matter how much he’s brought down, he’ll always come out on top! Think ‘Chopper’ meets ‘Kath n Kim.’

Web Series

The Big Fight

Episode 5

After nine years of disastrous anniversaries, Gavin promises Trish their tenth will be perfect. Unfortunately, it's a promise he finds exceptionally difficult to keep.

The Legend of Gavin Tanner

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    The Kidney

    Episode 1

  • Screen Shot 2014 04 23 at 10.51.01 AM

    The Loop

    Episode 2

  • The Trophy Screenshot website

    The Trophy

    Episode 3

  • Lonely Hearts

    The Lonely Hearts

    Episode 4

  • Big Fight Thumbnail

    The Big Fight

    Episode 5



    Gavin Tanner's Friend Request

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    The Legend of Gavin Tanner Trailer

  • video

    How To Deal Weed


  • Gavin Tanner

    The Legend

    Small-time dealer, big-time legend! There isn’t a problem he can’t boast his way into or bluff his way out of. If you need a guaranteed disaster, Gavin’s the man for the job.

    The only thing he’s more passionate about than the West Coast Eagles… is himself.

    Played by Matt Lovkis

  • Trish

    Gavin's Girl

    The love of Gavin’s life! A feisty, straight-shooter who doesn’t have time for bullshit… which is a shame, because she’s dating the biggest bullshit-artist there is.

    Ardent exponent of ‘Balladeen Chic’. Smokes menthols… the fancy, thin ones.

    Played by Emily Rose Brennan

  • Damo

    Apprentice dealer

    Gavin’s loyal apprentice, right-hand man and faithful servant. A true believer who possesses the unshakable faith that Gavin is actually the legend he says he is. Not a smart man… not really a man at all… more like a rat.

    Interesting fact: Damo’s immune system is sustained entirely by Cheezels.

    Played by Liam Graham

  • Raelene


    Raelene is Trish's mother. Outwardly hostile towards Gavin, she has still not accepted him after over ten years of their relationship. She is sarcastic, bitter and certainly doesn't believe he is the 'legend' he claims to be.

    Gavin harbours the misguided belief they will get along one day.

    Played by Mandy McElhinney

  • Marshall


    Marshall is Gavin’s new next-door neighbour. A conservative, stay-at-home dad who has recently moved to Balladeen after serving as a pay clerk in Afghanistan. He lives to support his family while his wife Amanda is working away as a FIFO counselor.

    Marshall would love to be able to move to Geraldton to open a Baker’s Delight.

    Played by Adam Zwar

  • Bullet

    Gavin's oldest 'mate'

    Bullet is Gavin's oldest 'mate' and weed dealer. A massive, and truly vile creature who has been pounded into the wreck he is today by the sledgehammers of life, he represents a threat to Gavin's world in every way. Bullet is actively seeking membership of The Arseholes Motorcycle Club, but his short temper and unpredictability make him a liability to any serious criminal organisation.

    Played by Eddie Baroo

  • Caprice

    Bullet's girlfriend

    Caprice is Bullet’s girlfriend and mother to two of his four children. She is a terrible mother and often dumps her kids on Gavin and Trish’s doorstep in order to go gallivanting for the day.

    Played by Tahlia Norrish.


The memoirz


When not being a legend in person, Gavin spends his time being a legend online. For years, Gavin’s Facebook statuses and tweets have captivated an ever-growing number of clients, and now he’s bringing his updates to life in a series of intimate readings.

Join Gavin as he revisits his most compelling, insightful and thought-provoking status-updates, and be enthralled by this showcase of his unique perspective, boundless wisdom and singular flare for the written word.

With each update, Gavin invites us to share his innermost thoughts and reflect on the many moments and milestones, both public and private, that have seen him transform from being a ’regular bloke’ into a man of truly ’legendary status’.

Gavin Tanner's Facebook Memoirz will be a must-watch and will surely see Gavin join the ranks of the world’s great diarists.

’Gavin’s Memoirz’ will be released bi-weekly on YouTube. The journey begins early 2014.

Watch Gavin's Memoirz

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    #5 - Sweat Patch, Don't Panic

  • Footy Shorts web

    #4 - Footy Shorts

  • Memoir Thumbnail School Reunion

    #3 - School Reunion

  • Memoir Thumnail Immediate Threat

    #2 - Immediate Threat

  • Memoir Thumnail Good News Bad News

    #1 - Good News, Bad News


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Henry Inglis

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Lauren Elliott


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